Ghost Books

Ghost Stories of Indiana by Edrick Thay (2002)

Indiana, Crossroads of America, is known as a place rich in folklore, where spirits and ghosts intermingle with the lives of ordinary Hoosiers, often with strange and frightening consequences.

A woman in Greene County discovers that the frightening vision of a tombstone in her living room was a premonition of her husband's death. A former Indiana University student stalks fellow students in vivid and terrifying nightmares. Shrunken heads, a peculiar hidden altar and chilling screams in the night in an Indiana University residence lead the tenants to hold a séance. Blue lights, once hung on a now-demolished Indianapolis mansion, mysteriously still glow in the night sky. The friendly ghost of Thomas Taggart is still making sure things run smoothly at the French Lick Springs Grand Hotel. The mischievous ghost of former football hero George Gipp spooks students at University of Notre Dame's Washington Hall. Amelia Earhart's spirit returns to spend time at her old haunt, Purdue University. An arsonist spirit sets dozens of fires in an Odon home, driving the family to tear the whole house down. The specter of a riverman killed by pirates a century ago wanders the banks of the Ohio River searching for his missing head. The lantern light of a grieving father can be seen every night on Spook Light Hill as he wanders in search of his beloved daughter's murderer. Once the site of a gruesome massacre, a farmhouse near Valparaiso now hosts ghostly hallucinations of severed heads. From dancing orbs to headless apparitions, numerous friendly and frightening ghosts haunt every corner of the Hoosier State.

Haunted Places: The National Directory : Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations (2002)

Still the most respected and authoritative guide to ghosts in the United States! Completely updated! This one-of-a-kind book is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide and an indispensable reference casebook for serious researchers. The result of a five-year research project with the cooperation of several national organizations, this unique directory lists over 2,000 locations in all fifty states where paranormal activity has been reported. Included are sacred sites, as well as haunted houses, hotels, inns, restaurants, businesses, schools, churches, campgrounds, and parks. These are real places complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Each entry presents a history of the site, names of witnesses, current investigations, and detailed travel directions. Every case is footnoted to an extensive bibliography of sources for further research. Over 100 photographs.

More Haunted Hoosier Trails - Haunted Heartland Series by Wanda Lou Willis (2004)

What’s spookier than HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS? MORE HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS! Beloved Indiana folklorist Wanda Lou Willis returns with an all-new collection of hair-raisingtales of the spooky cemeteries, lonely roads and haunted homes all over Indiana. Local history buffs will relishthe informative county histories that begin each chapter, while thrill-and-chill-seekers will eagerly search outthese frightening locales.In MORE HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS, readers can:• Park their cars along Moody Road in Jasper County to find the tell-tale lantern light of a remorsefulyoung man who accidentally decapitated his brother.• Step inside Hannah House in Indianapolis, where they may encounter the ghosts of escaped slaves onthe Underground Railroad who perished in a tragic fire.• Get a lesson in fear at Indiana University in Bloomington, long believed to be among the most hauntedcampuses in the country.• Learn about strange happenings and restless spirits in cities, towns and counties all across the state.The carefully researched and truly scary tales by one of Indiana’s most respected folklorists will enthrall even themost skeptical reader. MORE HAUNTED HOOSIER TRAILS is a terrifyingly good read.Wanda Lou Willis is a folklore historian who specializes in Hoosier folktales and historic research. She is theauthor of Haunted Hoosier Trails, a former features writer for the Indianapolis Star’s “Seniority Counts” sectionand regularly appears on Fox 59’s Early Morning show. She has taught folklore for many years at IUPUI and isa popular presenter at schools, universities, libraries and historical societies. Wanda, a fifth generation Hoosier,lives in Indianapolis, Indiana

HAUNTED INDIANA by Mark Marimen (1997)

This is an impossible to put down guide to the haunted places and legendary ghosts of Indiana. The author acts as both narrator and researcher in this excellent book which covers the most well-known places around Indiana.

"I guess that I have always thought of Indiana as a desolate place... oh, not the big cities of Indianapolis or Gary, but the small towns that dot the landscape of the state. There is just always something about Indiana that conjures up images of quiet town and abandoned farm houses... where secrets lay in wait for someone to discover them. The forests and corn fields of this beautiful state certainly contain and hide the many ghost stories and legends of these people called "Hoosiers"."


The Ghosthunter's Guide: To Haunted Landmarks, Parks, Churches, and Other Public Places by Arthur Myers (1993) 

Review From Library Journal:Is America haunted? This travel guide to haunts in several U.S. towns should be enough to convince even the hard-nosed skeptics. Believing in the supernatural adds to the enjoyment, but it is not a prerequisite. Pick an area of the country--be it New England, the Central/Southern states, or the West--and go exploring. Former inhabitants (a.k.a. ghosts) from a variety of eras are popping up in inns, libraries, gardens, theaters, churches, docks, schools, and the like. Each documented sighting includes the witnesses, personalities, and names of ghosts and the best times to visit. Some of the ghosts are friendly, some are not, and some want to go home with you. Some still don't believe that they have really died. A truly fascinating, memorable romp and unique vacation experience, this book is fun for believers, fantasy for skeptics. - Ann E. Cohen, Rochester P. L., N.Y. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Tristate Terrors: Famous, Historic Female Ghosts of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky - Guardian of the Crossroads by Anne Oscard (1996) 

Recounts tales of famous female ghosts from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, but states such as Illinois and California get thrown into the mix. These are historical tales that end with a brief description of where the person’s ghost now presumably resides.


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