Paranormal Investigators

Willard Library has been host to a number of paranormal investigators. Sometimes these investigations appear to be very rigorous scientific experiments.

For example, one grouped checked for electro-magnetic field (EMF) fluctuations, some have shot infra red images. One came in with a specialized infrared device and actually found “orbs” flitting about like butterflies. They claim to have found up to 8 or 9 different entities existing in the library.

Paranormal investigations are now scheduled once a year. There have been 10 or 12 such investigations so far, and the once-per-year slots are booked until 2009 with groups wanting to research the Willard’s ghost.

Past investigative groups include:

  -   Willard Library's Ghost Chatters

  -   The MESA Project

  -   Para-Vision Investigations

  -   The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society


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