Frequently Asked Questions

How do I “capture” an image?2021-04-11T18:01:56-05:00

Our GhostCams are LIVE feeds that you can pause and rewind at any time.  To save a photo:

  • Pause the feed where you see an image you want to capture.
  • Use the “Print Screen” function on your computer or take a screen shot on your mobile device.
  • Use a simple photo editor to place a circle around the part of the image you want to highlight.
    (Preview is a built in app for Macs.  Paint is a built in app for Windows/PC.)
  • Submit the photo by going to our Photo Upload page (click here).
My cam images won’t update automatically for me!2021-04-11T18:07:49-05:00

Our GhostCams are LIVE feeds, and should update automatically.  If you are not seeing the video feed, please try the following before contacting us:

  • Reload the page.
  • Close all web browsers and start over.
  • If you still are not seeing a LIVE feed and/or if it says “STREAM OFFLINE” please Contact Us (click here).
Can I visit Willard Library myself?2021-02-19T17:08:08-06:00

Absolutely! Willard Library Director Greg Hager would love to have you visit. You can get location information on the Willard Library Website

How do I submit my own captured image?2021-04-11T18:02:45-05:00

To submit your photo, please go to our Photo Upload page (click here).

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